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Painting from Picture

It's just a quote. Thatís all.
When you are walking through an art gallery and you ask the gallery owner how much does the painting cost, you are under no obligation to purchase it, right? We work the same way. By simply requesting a quote, youíre under no obligation to purchase anything. We are just letting you know our price.

 Letís get started.

Offer a lasting gift to your loved one or family! TURN YOUR TREASURED PHOTO INTO A LOVELY PORTRAIT OIL PAINTING.
Send us Black and White photos and we will turn them into beautiful Color Portraits

Before asking for a quotation please do the following: 

  1. Select the best photograph.
  2. Determine what canvas size and orientation you want.
  3. Decide what objects from the photograph to be removed/added. (backgrounds, trees, chairs, etc.)
  4. Select head, head and shoulders, half body or full body.
  5. Describe color of eyes, hair, skin, jewelries and other details that you may want to change, You can change Hair style, Colors, Clothes, or anything you can describe  

All you need to do is to send us the photograph or image of your choice and our talented artists will create a beautiful signed oil painting on the finest linen canvas.

Preserve the image of your children, family, friends, pets, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, even a beloved home, yacht or automobile.  

Your subject is captured on canvas with amazing accuracy. These make beautiful additions to your home or office decor, as a treasured keepsake or unique gift.

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Potrait with special effects 

  Potrait00.jpg  Potrait02.jpg   Potrait03.jpg

Please send us an email to: Please remember to attach an image.

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