Drop Shipper Information

Fine Discount Oil Paintings

What is drop shipping?

With drop shipping you sell products on the Internet, in catalogs, mail order, etc, without buying them first. You only buy what you have already sold. Once you have sold a product you forward your orders directly to us and we ship the product directly to your buyer. You make the money on the difference between your selling price and your actual cost for the product.

Some advantages of drop shipping

With drop shipping you have no inventory, no packaging, no trips to the Post Office, and no paperwork! Why pay to have a product shipped to yourself to only have to turn and around and repackage it to ship to your customer and pay double shipping charges, it just doesn't make sense.

How to drop ship with us?

To start drop shipping our products you will have to obtain our permission to use the material on our website. When you get an order, purchase the items from this site and specify the shipping address in the order comments. The product will them be shipped directly to your customer. Please sign up for our newsletter so you will know when products are getting low, and when we receive new product.
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